• Headquarters:
    Kültür Mahallesi Şehit Nevres Bulvarı No: 3/7 35220 Konak-İZMİR
  • Tel :
    +90 232 463 00 03
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The company has been established within Öztüre Holding in 2010.

It operates in Çelemli quarter of Yüreğir district of Adana province.

The plant, which has been first commissioned with 250 tons/day capacity, has currently 1250 tons/day capacity.

It is one of the highest capacity plants in one location quicklime production in Turkey.

Our production areas consist of different size of quicklime and hydrated lime . Each dimension is stocked Different size of screened raw quicklime are stocked to be shipped in independent silos with 1000 tons capacity. In addition to the 5000-ton raw quicklime silo, there is 5000-ton stock of sized (screened) product. We have an optional product silo of 250 tons and a total indoor stock volume of 10250 tons.

We supply our fuel needs from abroad as petroleum coke.After dried out and ground the petroleum coke obtains the highest fuel performance.