Policy of our human resources is to escalate recognition and reputation of the company in the Turkish market with our employees and to this end, to convey our human-oriented management mission, which is at the top of our spiritual values, to our employees, customers and all our stakeholders.

The method we will follow in this process will be to create synergy in our organization by combining the motivation and experiences of our former employees who have contributed to our present day with the wishes and productivity of our new employees, to develop the team spirit and to produce productive works in a result-oriented manner.

It is essential to subject our employees to effective performance evaluation systems in order to achieve high performance, to ensure that they receive the necessary training, to help them develop themselves in terms of competencies by supporting the situations where they achieve superior success within the framework of our values and competencies and exhibit exemplary attitudes and behaviours that contribute to the institution with an effective reward system.

Ensuring that our employees see the Human Resources Department as their companion in all processes and being a strategic business partner that our management and managers will consult are among our most prominent goals