Slaked Lime (Calcium Hydroxide) is obtained by reacting calcium oxide produced in parallel flow kilns with water in slaking facility.


Usage areas

In the production of Calcium Silicate Brick (Sand-Lime Brick).

Increasing the Robustness of the Product in the Production of Concrete Blocks and Elements,

As a whitewash to Provide Binding and Plasterability in Mortar and Plaster Construction.

Waste Gas Desulphurization ;In the Cleaning of Sulphur Dioxide in Flue Gas with Wet and Dry Desulphurization Method.

HCl Treatment ; In the Cleaning of HCI in Flue Gases in Incineration of Domestic Wastes.

Mercury Treatment ; “ Slaked Pulverized Lime” is used in the Cleaning of Mercury in Flue Gases with Active Carbon.

As a Lubricant in Rolling Mills and for Neutralization to Prevent Corrosion.
As a pH Adjuster in the Acquisition of Gold and Silver with Cyanide Method.

Calcium Hypochlorite is used in the Production of Calcium Hypochlorite by the Reaction of Slaked Lime and Chlorine Gas.

Calcium Salts ; Calcium Phosphate (Mono, Di, Tri), Fluoride, Bromide, Ferrocyanide and Nitrite as a result of the reaction of Lime with Organic or Inorganic Acids.And also Calcium Acetate, Stearate, Oleate, Tartrate, Lactate, Citrate, Benzoate and Gluconate Production.

Sugar Cane / Beet; As pH Regulator and Impurity Remover.

Flotation; Flotation of Ores such as Copper, Lead , Zinc is also used as pH Adjuster and Pyrite Suppressor,

Coal Accumulation ; As Hardener and Sulfur Sorbent in Coal Briquettes where Molasses are Used as Binder.

The Stabilization of Clayed Soils in Road Construction.

“Antistripping” is used to increase the strength of asphalt chemically in hot asphalt,

Removal of Carbonate Hardness, Removal of Hardness Other than Carbonate Hardness in Lime/Soda Process,

Neutralization of Acidic Waters, Collapse of Solid Particles in Water with Aluminium and Iron Salts,

To increase the pH value of the water and eliminate bacteria and some viruses in the water.

The Treatment of Domestic Waste Water, the Deposition of Solid Materials Together with Aluminium and Iron Salts, and the Removal of Phosphorus and Nitrogen.

In the industry, In Neutralization of Acid Containing Waters, Precipitation of Metal Ions such as Iron Chrome and Clarification of Process Water in Beet Sugar Factories.

Stabilization and Fertilization of Sludge from Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants and Stabilization of Animal Wastes.
The Stabilization of Wastes Containing Metals such as Copper, Lead, Zinc and Arsenic.
Whitening ; “Lime Milk” is used in the production of Calcium Hypochlorite Used in Paper Whitening.

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