Quicklime (Calcium Oxide) is the product calcined by heating high purity limestone at 900 – 1100°C in our parallel flow kilns.


15-55 MM / LIME

3-15 MM / LIME

0-3 MM / LIME


Usage areas

As Slag Generator and Sulfur, Phosphorus, Silica Remover in Basic Oxygen and Electrical Arc Quarries and As Sulfur and Phosphorus Remover in Crucible Furnace.

In the Removal of Silica from Bauxite in Alumina Production (Bayer Prosesi).
As Slag Generator in Low-Carbon Ferrochrome Production

Calcium Salts ; Calcium Phosphate (Mono, Di, Tri), Fluoride, Bromide, Ferrocyanide and Nitrite as a result of the reaction of Lime with Organic or Inorganic Acids.And also Calcium Acetate, Stearate, Oleate, Tartrate, Lactate, Citrate, Benzoate and Gluconate Production.

Sulphate Process; In Sodium Hydroxide Regeneration,
Sulphide Process; In Calcium Bisulphite Production,
PCC ;in Calcium Carbonate Production Precipitated as Filling and Coating Material.

Gas Concrete Production.
the production of Calcium Silicate Brick (Sand-Lime Brick).

Stabilization and Fertilization of Sludge from Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants and Stabilization of Animal Wastes.

pH Adjustment in Agricultural Soils.

Packaging Types

Our products are shipped in bulk, silobas (granules and powder) and big bags.